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We believe in establishing and maintaining ongoing client relationships. By doing that we work with clients to take steps to anticipate and avoid legal problems and disputes. As part of this preventive law practice we offer complimentary in house seminars to clients and prospective clients to address issues where they see a need. Our seminars can address a wide range of issues such as:

  • Contract formation-- battles over forms, key contract provisions, bidding issues, negotiations.
  • Employment--General rules of employment law, discipline and termination, employment contracts, policy manuals and ADA, FMLA and worker's compensation requirements.
  • Record keeping--proper methods of documentation, what records should be kept.
  • Contract law principles--general rules, frequent problem areas, claims, notice requirements, insurance, payment, disputes, etc.
  • WISHA and OSHA--basic requirements, how to deal with inspections, citations, appeals.
  • Payment--Steps to take to insure being paid, liens, bond claims, contract language, collection methods

To set up a seminar, please contact us.


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